Master Planning


Masterplanning is about making the connection between buildings and their environments. By embedding them in a social infrastructure, our buildings act as catalysts for vibrancy, diversity and regeneration.

Masterplanning and Urbanism is about a belief in making sustainable, integrated environments where our buildings become embedded within a city’s fabric. At Scrapers, we are not only interested architecture, we are also deeply interested in their contextual influence – how they act as a catalyst for vibrancy, diversity and regeneration within cities. Often urban environments are both relentless and ubiquitous, they are made up of a repetitive fabric of residential and commercial development that creates a monotony to the way inhabitants experience the city. It becomes a collection of development parcels linked by infrastructure rather than a sequence of connected places of different urban qualities and character. In parallel with this it is also common that the most important elements of social infrastructure such as sports, cultural and educational facilities are often banished to the periphery of cities where land values are less so that the city centre can be better utilized for more intensive revenue producing development typologies.

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